Theresa Feinberg

Theresa Feinberg

Extended Day Coordinator

Theresa Feinberg

Theresa is a lifelong resident of Williamsburg, where she currently lives with her husband. Theresa comes to Mount Carmel with more than 15 years of early childhood education experience. She is excited to serve as coordinator of the Extended Day program.

After becoming the mother of two sons, Theresa developed a passion for early childhood development and decided to pursue a teaching degree. She received her Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College in 2010. She has been a NYS-certified teacher since 2013. Theresa volunteered as a catechist at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church for 17 years.

Theresa stays active in every way but especially loves to walk and spend time with family and friends. She is delighted to join the Mount Carmel ECC and says “life has a funny way of coming full circle”.


10 Withers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211




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