Drop-In Center

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Drop-In Center

Beginning on Oct. 17, the Drop-In Center at Mount Carmel will take
place in our large, bright, indoor meeting hall. As the weather gets cooler, our Drop-In Center will provide a place for parents and caregivers to gather with their children for a morning of exploration, discovery and fun!

The play space, filled with age-appropriate toys and equipment, is specially designed to offer babies and toddlers a safe, engaging morning of play with each other and their caregivers. An early childhood coordinator will facilitate the program.

Infant through 2 years accompanied by an adult

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Tuesday through Thursday
Begins Oct. 17, 2023

The Mount Carmel Early Childhood Center, in the OLMC Meeting Hall,
Havemeyer Street at N. 9th Street and Withers, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Payable by cash or an online payment.

  • $20.00 per day/per child, accompanying sibling $5 (adults free)
  • Discount for multi-pass
  • $175 for 10 visits ($225 with a sibling)

For more information contact us at:
(917) 993 1330 or themountcarmelecc.org

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