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In Brooklyn and beyond, Williamsburg has gained a reputation as a vibrant artistic community. As the population has grown by leaps and bounds, the wider world is learning what locals have always known: Williamsburg is a great place to raise a family! There is a growing demand for high-quality preschools in the neighborhood, and the Mount Carmel Early Childhood Center is meeting that need. Having opened its doors in October 2016, this new outreach program of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn offers a non-sectarian curriculum, welcoming families of all faiths and backgrounds.

We offer full- and part-time programs to preschoolers age 2 through 5. Our recently renovated space includes bright, beautifully equipped classrooms; sunny, spacious outdoor areas; and a large, air-conditioned gymnasium. With nurturing guidance and developmentally appropriate practice, our teachers will introduce the children to a lifelong love of learning. Come see what The Mount Carmel Early Childhood Center is all about!


10 Withers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211




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