Happy May Purple Room!

preschool student playing with blocks

We are so excited to be back after spring break and can’t believe the countdown to the end of the year has started! We got off to a great start this past week with Mr. Nick on Monday, as usual, and then on Tuesday we did a fun science experiment in the water table. We filled the table with water and took cotton balls, put them in the water and observed what happened.

Beforehand, a couple of the children took some guesses as to what would happen to the cotton balls: “Mine is like dumplings!” “It’s like goop!” “It turning into snow!” Needless to say, the children loved it and we kept the cotton in the water table the rest of the week, adding in different tools like tweezers and different sized cups.

The other big event this week was we got caterpillars! The children were so excited to see them and know that they’d eventually become butterflies. We talked about the stages the caterpillars will go through, the children took some guesses as to how long it’ll be and we learned the word “metamorphosis,” or the process of changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly. It’s quite a tricky word though so the children are still getting the hang of saying it ;). The children are enjoying being scientists and observing the caterpillars as they grow, move and eat and we’ll continue to do that this week!